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People, readers, and the rest of you..... · 6:58pm Sep 15th, 2021

I seem to be suffering a little bit of writers-block, and the stress from my new job isn't making it any easier.

So if it's alright, I'll be taking a little vacation. By which I mean, a long break from Fimfiction; I probably won't be back until after Halloween. Also, my friend Merc_with_the_Mouth will be joining me, so we can brainstorm ideas for his Deadpool story.

Before I go, I just want to say, you were all fantastic.... and do you know what, so was I.


It's mah birthda! · 5:38pm Oct 9th, 2016

FIRE UP THE PARTY CANNONS! I've been celebrating by birthday since yesterday, I'll be back to work on soon but for now, I'm gonna enjoy the last of my youth! Toodles,and here's some ponies to keep you satisfied until I'm back!


"An Iron Forged Will: Book I" Cancelled · 3:58am May 26th, 2018

Greetings everyone.

You might be familiar with my first fan fiction, "An Iron Forged Will." It is a fan fiction that I have worked on for 7-8 months, and is something that I am proud of. Some of you may also know it for having constant errors or constant updates with little-to-no improvement at all. Well, I have now chosen to take action, and to right these wrongs that I have made on this project.

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Been a while, hasn't it? · 10:38pm Jul 11th, 2019

Well, good news and bad news.

The bad news is that it’ll still be a while yet before I manage to actually come back with new content.

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