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What should I do? · 5:33am Nov 15th, 2017

If you had seen the few chapters for A wizard's tale then you should know that I'm currently attempting to turn it into complete standalone novel.... I am obsessed with it. I became so obsessed with it I spent nearly all my time working on it, every waking hour going over it again and again and again. I had spent most of this year working solely on it outside of helping Mrkillwolf666 with his ideas when I find the time and I think soon it would be ready to be looked at by an publisher or

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(Vote Part 1) Time for opinions · 9:20am Nov 22nd, 2018

VOTE WILL BE OPEN UNTIL 30 DECEMBER 2018, Any votes made by means other than liking or disliking MY indicated post will be ignored

Ok everyone, I'mma have to be brief cuz I'm writing this like 5 seconds before I go to bed...
(TL;DR at the bottom XD)

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steam just erased a 2,000+ word review we wrote about The Long Dark · 9:40am May 27th, 2020

and in unrelated news we're sad for doing so poorly in the clop contest

i mean

we didn't really take it seriously

nor did we write anything exclusively with the contest in mind aside that rainbow/celestia fic

and we didn't proofread our stuff that well

and we don't have editors

and uh

well that's about it

we just feel the suck



~You are special today~ · 10:12pm Oct 15th, 2015

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