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Train Ride Meeting. Background Ponies. · 1:31am Aug 27th, 2016

I have been thinking. I have about 50K words of ruff draft that I am not using since I altered the main tract of my story, The Secret Life of Background Ponies-(SLBP). And I thought that it was a wast to just throw them away. So as a treat I thought to put in little bits of them into the blog to let you all see how the first draft was and how different it has become.

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Report Gentlehoof · 101 views · #Old ruff draft.

New Mini-Story · 11:20pm Oct 16th, 2015

New minific! Dark, and under 1,500 words:

Escaping Treatment

Another one from the Writeoff Association's "Illusion of Choice" competition.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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