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Another MLP game by Nurse Dashie · 2:53pm Oct 31st, 2017

Well seems like the work at 'My Little Pony RPG4' by NurseDashie have started. And I was asked to help on the dialogs and Story again. :yay:

I helped in the past at the second game already, so if you like RPG maker games and intrested in MLP themed games you should try them out.

Here is the link for the gamejolt page of Nurse Dashie where you can find all the games.

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Code Lyoko EG possibly becoming a game · 6:34am Jun 15th, 2016

You know what I want? RPG maker.

I want it, so I can create Code Lyoko EG the game, and make that a thing.

So you know what? I'm going to get it.

I'm speaking it into existence right now. Code Lyoko EG is going to become a game because I'm going to get RPG Maker for my PC and create it.

So... yeah. That's a thing now. Mind you, I need to buy RPG maker, and the one I sort of want costs about 75 dollars, but I'm going to make that happen.


Other Stuff I Want To Work On... · 10:17pm Jul 8th, 2015

I wanna make an RPG, and I have no programming skills... Sorry, anyway, I'd like to know how to work RPG Maker. I tried the... Demo?

Well, in any other regards, I'd like to know how it works. And easy steps to use it. Plus, if I can get it to work, AND start making it, I'll be open to OC's.

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Once more around the sun. · 8:49am Jan 1st, 2016

It's been another year since I've escaped from Jesus.

It still smells like 2015.

And I smell like gunpowder. My shoes also caught fire.

So... What's on the docket for this year?

Oh, I don't know.

Let's try something new.


Kirin Sprites (Rain Shine, Autumn Blaze, + Fern Flare) for RPG Maker VX Ace · 5:43am January 19th

Just finished this one and was proud of how it turned out so I felt like posting it here.

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I'm Making A Game · 6:05pm Nov 18th, 2016

I'm writing and designing a RPG Maker game, check it out and follow its progress here.


[IK~W] New Video, Worse Audio? · 12:50pm Mar 30th, 2016

I felt like continuing the video series on my main game project, and came up with the undershown. Spotted a few dozen minor errors in the process. Yet the worse of then is still an imbalance in my audio capture. How is it I was able to get reasonable levels when recording the stream but I couldn't keep the game music from peaking? Blah.

Oh yeah, here's the video I'm blarghing about.

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Looking for a story to make into a game !! · 12:23am Aug 12th, 2015

Right ... Hopefully that gets your attention =3

I've been looking into RPG maker VX Ace for a while now and finally got it and surprisingly its simple to use, alot easier than RPG Maker XP too which i messed about religiously on while I was in secondary school so I'm not new to using it at all (though I'm more a in-engine editor, not the code or graphical side tho i do dabble :derpytongue2:)

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Adding to an old pile · 3:29pm Oct 6th, 2015

I got burnt out when writing a potential sequel to that story where Twilight is RUDE, but it was still before sunrise, so I decided to try out a game I've had for a year. After finding out that the whole game takes less than an hour to play, I figured I'd add it to the Let's Play with Leo pile from last year.

I've been awake for twenty-nine hours, folks. I recorded this six hours ago.

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[IK~W/FMP] Book Help and Updates · 11:16pm Sep 11th, 2016

There's a small issue I've had for the longest time that I'm hoping any of you fine folks can help me with.

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