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My Review of Monsters vs. Aliens · 5:16pm July 26th

Rating Scale:

12/10—a complete masterpiece; flawless and outstanding
11/10—Excellent, near-perfect film
10/10—the standard rating; awesome film with a couple of flaws
9/10—a wonderful film with several flaws
8/10–a great film with numerous flaws but not enough to ruin it

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Review: Inherent Vice (2014) · 9:55pm Nov 12th, 2015

In what is possibly the most beautifully confusing cinematic experience I've had, Paul Thomas Anderson's most recent feature, and his seventh film, manages to to be an absurdest, stoned out trip down the sweaty, drug addled and sex crazed summer byways of 1970 Los Angeles, as we follow an equally absurdest and stoned out private detective as he is quickly dragged into an incomprehensible conspiracy involving hippies, Neo-Nazis allied Jewish land developers, cults, and Chinese heron dealers,

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My Movie Review on Monsters vs. Aliens (Plus, a Bonus) · 3:26pm Oct 2nd, 2020

Greetings and salutations, my friends.

This is your top-of-the-line film, TV show, and episode reporter here with another review.

Today, for the second installment of my "Spook Spectacular" series, I'm gonna give you guys my take of Dreamworks's "Monsters vs. Aliens".

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results