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    Aha! My Next Fic! More RariTwi · 4:33pm January 4th

    Inspiration I say!

    I know what's next for what I will write about.

    The title will be "Reincarnation"
    Rarity has found that she has passed on to the afterlife but refuses to wait around for Twilight to die of natural causes. Instead she chooses to go on an journey through the Underworld, accompanied by DEATH to find the River of New Life so that she can be returned to Equestria. On her journey she will face dangers and tests, can she overcome them?


    INTERWOVEN COLOURS · 11:11am April 17th

    In the year 2017, a singular call went forth to the world. A rallying cry, a summons to writers near and far. To fulfill a wondrous dream. To fulfill a desperate need. To champion the two of the greatest leaders known to all the world.

    One, ascending from the depths of dust and forgotten memories, to become a princess of the force that binds us together.

    The other, the very definition of design, class and elegance and become one of the foremost minds of the brilliance of creation.

    And the wonders these amazing creatures can do together.

    Today, the RariTwi Fandom sends out this great challenge. Do you have the generosity and magic to answer?

    W E L C O M E T O T H E 2 0 1 7
    R A R I T W I C O N T E S T

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    Report Monochromatic · 4,152 views · #rarilight #raritwi

    The Diamond in the Stars! · 2:12am Jul 22nd, 2015

    That's right, everypony, the long-awaited and even longer-promised sequel to The Unbearable Lightness of Being Sweetie Belle is finally up, or at least the first chapter of it is, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start reading. Updates should be delivered pretty quickly as I just need to let my editors go through it and come up with a few chapter titles.

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    RariLight Word Count · 12:42am Last Wednesday

    I forgot to add it in the screenshot, but at this point I've hit nine pages. I'm pretty satisfied with it, now I just need to figure out how I want to end it.


    I'm a Judge for INTERWOVEN COLOURS - 4th RariTwi Creation Contest · 6:53am May 5th

    So, this is kinda cool. Monochromatic is hosting a contest for who can write the best RariTwi story with the Prompt "Interwoven Colours" ("Colors" If you live in Australia like me.) and I asked if I could be a judge. Turns out they said yes so I'm excited. I've never done anything like this before but I am happy that I have an excuse to read all the awesome submissions and help decide a winner. The other judges are Novel-Idea, Swan Song, Cursori and of course Monochromatic herself. So many awesome authors!
    For anyone interested you can find out all about the contest Here and you can read all the story submissions Over Here.

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    Retrospective: Diamonds · 5:11pm June 15th


    “So, my dear princess, mind telling me exactly how many shades of red you went within the first few days of our meeting?”

    “Why do you think I would be counting?”

    “Because I happen to know for a fact you counted the other thing. And yes, you need to include that shade of red as well.”

    “You do realize I can’t see my face on a regular basis, so I can’t verify that the shades were identical.”

    “Humor me?”


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    The Woes of Approval · 2:28pm Aug 7th, 2016

    The problem with posting nsfw stuff in alternate accounts is that I'm so used to the automatic approval process on Mono BUT HERE THE MANUAL PROCESS IS TAKING FOREVER AND EVER AND EVEEEEER.

    Anyway, yeah, gonna upload a ficlet I wrote some time ago as a challenge. It doesn't have backstory BECAUSE WHO EVEN HAS THE TIME TO WRITE 30K WORDS OF BACKSTORY, but w/e.


    Signal Boost: Expand Your Horizons and Expand Your Ships! · 4:03am April 18th

    So, at long last, I'm home! BABSCon was freaking epic and far surpassed my expectations... but also for reasons I never saw coming!

    You'll hear all about it soon(tm), but I can tell you what I did on Sunday night of the Con. Well, more like Monday morning... :rainbowhuh: But still, it was great and turned out awesome. Shockingly, it turned out just as hysterical and awesome when the sun was up as it was at 3:30 in the morning!

    So, I'm going to challenge EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU to a BRAND-NEW CONTEST in supporting the EPICLY FABULOUS ship of RARITY and TWILIGHT!

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    Holy crap, I finished writing something. · 1:20am Jun 20th, 2016

    I know, right?

    So, for the first time in possibly years, I stayed in both days this weekend... Sat down to write... And I finished the one-shot! Funnily enough, it's not The Midnight Ride(which I had mentioned previously), but a different one altogether, a slight re-telling of the Nightmare Moon battle from the first season. Consider it an affectionate parody of two things I like that I almost never have the opportunity to write about: grimlight stories, and over-the-top Gainax-style action.

    Anyways, I'll chime in later on with a longer post; I know this is a pretty short blogpost with very little fanfare, but I can't brain right now to save my life! Soon as the story gets approved, go check it out, and let me know what you think!

    Presenting: Hero of the Day!


    Yes! Raritwi Egophiliac Commish is AMAZING · 1:43pm May 26th

    YES! I love how this came out! I had the idea based off of Siden’s Ultimareverse where the Mane 6 still represent their Elements but have decidedly different personalities and back grounds. Especially in the case of Twi and Rarity, switching Creativity and Knowledgeability.

    In this case Twilight or Dazzling Sparkle is a Equestrian famous showmare for her amazing illusions whose creative shows wow and amaze! Rarity or Gem follows a more Maud like path, working to earn her Rock-derate and show the usefulness of Equestria’s rocks and diamonds (like say the Elements of Harmony).

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