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"Think Negative!" · 9:30pm Nov 8th, 2020

Personally, I am a pessimist, and this reflects on my review articles (one of the reasons that some of my readers don’t like me). In fact, I often find optimistic people naive. You see, there is a 50-50 chance that a specific bad thing will or won’t happen. I prefer to believe that it will happen, just so when and if it happens, I would be prepared for it and my world won’t collapse. That’s the way I protect myself. The problem with pessimism though is that it can lead to

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This is the theme I play... · 3:52am Apr 16th, 2016

When I'm busting myself out of jail.

When I'm doing a training montage.

When I'm waiting for Zelda U to come out in a few days.

When I meet my newborn kid for the first time.

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I don't believe in the Flat Earth theory · 12:23am Sep 22nd, 2018

I don't believe in the Flat Earth theory and it genuinely scares me that alot of people including those I know personally believe in this crackpot conspiracy theory. I do believe in some conspiracy theories but this one is just too stupid for me to take seriously. As far as I am concerned, the Flat Earth theory is a just a half baked psy-op AKA psychological operation design to make everybody who does not take what the mainstream media says as the gospel truth look like crazy and ignorant

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Gangnam Style but like, infinitely better than the original · 6:21pm May 12th, 2017

Made by Queen MeowTigress. Thank you very much, Your PURR-fect Feline Majesty.

Please my FIMFiction users - consider going over to her channel and checking her out. She doesn't have a lot to offer at the moment, but who knows? Maybe with a bit of encouragement she may get better and start her own MLP show or something. Give her some words of encouragement if you decide to drop by her channel for me, will you?


Psychonauts - Nitro Rad · 2:38pm Sep 4th, 2021

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