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Ah maek leest! · 6:31am Jun 7th, 2018

Yoosful leest of werd teengs! Storeez end stuff. Nau on d yooser payj!
Get eet heer:

- Greyscale

Imbalanced storyline

1) Imbalanced
2) Horn and Wings
+ 2a) Diplomatic Relations

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No Highlight today · 9:34pm Sep 16th, 2018

Once again, no Highlight post today, I'm afraid. I have quite a few things on my plate (including preparing for an interview that I'm going to have tomorrow!), and I don't want to just spew out words in a hurry. But fear not, they will be coming!

However, I haven't been totally idle today; I've made an addition to my profile. There's a new module on my profile, giving a full list of the Highlights that will be published, as well as links to the ones that are already up.

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OC Bios are now on my profile! + Update? · 1:52pm Jul 12th, 2018

I did some changes on my profile page, like adding a comment section or adding the biographies of my OC's for those of you who want to know how some of them look like and don't want to go over to my Deviantart page or for those who missed the blog posts where I introduced them for the first time.

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The Mad Seeress of the North chapter 7 preview, "Illusion’s Reality” and other crap, er stuff · 3:53pm Apr 13th, 2016

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