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Regarding recent events and depictions. · 8:05pm July 4th

Recently, there have been attempts to "create a dialog" or "have a discussion" about whether Nazis or Nazism should be in any way portrayed, written about or depicted on this site. It has been said that to deny this would be to deny free speech. To prevent the free exchange of ideas. My response is as follows:

No Nazis, period. No Nazism, period.

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Report Penalt · 188 views · #nazi #nazism #leave #principle

Why I Stopped Going To College · 5:01pm Apr 16th, 2018

Growing up, it was ingrained to my head that college is a must if one is going to be successful. During my younger years in government school, I was constantly told to "go to college" by family members, church friends, school teachers and principals, fellow cadets from JROTC, and television programs, especially Boy Meets World. In every facet of my life, college was treated as a must go if I want a successful career in life. For you see, only poor and stupid people don't go to college, or so I

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Practical Path To A Free Society · 5:54am Aug 27th, 2018


What the Non-Aggression Principle means to me · 2:56am Apr 8th, 2018

(With Terra's Theme from Final Fantasy VI)

The first time I heard of the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) was during Ron Paul's presidential run, specifically the 2012 cycle. It was constantly brought up by his fans, who were...hard to get along with if you don't agree with them. At the time, I used to hate the Non-Aggression Principle. I should probably explain why.

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There are no rules. Only principles. · 10:25am Jun 8th, 2019

Humans tell stories. We always have, and always will. But what we haven't always done is tell stories in text, and it's not something that comes to us naturally the way verbal storytelling does. To compound on this, I've noticed over the years that the lessons we teach people on how to read and write when they’re young give them a functional grasp, ie you can understand what they’re saying at least, but it helps precisely none towards the actual art of wordcraft.

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Racist Sandwich? · 3:12am Sep 5th, 2015


Review: Imposing Sovereigns Stories, Warrior pt 1 · 10:27pm Mar 30th, 2017


Video Game Reviews #1 - The Talos Principle · 10:03am Jan 6th, 2016

I have written reviews of video games I have played for a long time. I realized that it was kind of silly that I only ever posted them on Steam and Metacritic, and not here. So I thought I'd start out with something of a doozy - The Talos Principle, a game which was widely regarded as the game of the year of 2014 (and not just because the cover art has a robot petting a kitten).

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