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Possible sequel. · 8:16am Aug 16th, 2016

So, I'm thinking about making a sequel to You were supposed to SLAY the dragon, not LAY it!

Might get my name more out there for me to reach that one thousand followers milestone (and a free pizza someone promised me if I did it, which is like...85% of the reason :twilightsheepish:) so why not?

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For Midnight Rising readers... · 6:56pm May 21st, 2018

If you're not already reading Unleash the Magic - Nightmare Night, I invite you to at least read its latest chapter, which is an interlude that shows the counterpart Halloween party happening at Canterlot High and is (as yet) untouched by the insanity breaking loose on the other side of the portal. No sex, sorry (as it's intended to provide a brief break from it), but it also includes some tantalizing clues as to the outcome of the (as-yet) unwritten sequel involving the

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Story Completion · 12:03pm Nov 4th, 2016

FINALLY! YES! I FINALLY FINISHED A STORY! It only took me a year but my Portals. Portals Everywhere! story is finally complete. Check out the final chapter!

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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