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wait · 4:48pm Dec 15th, 2020


Happy Pog Day to me! · 2:40pm April 19th

Today is, drum roll please, brbrbrbrbr MY BIRTHDAY!
YAAAAaaaay, anyway I'm older now so that's pog, sorry I haven't been uploading chapters but this is still a side passion for me. Y'know, working on it when I want, but I get why some people are frustrated over it due to them being invested into the stories. I'll be able to upload one chapter today on A chance, I'd want to upload more but I can atleast guarantee that a chapter of A chance.


The yeet will last forever · 10:26pm June 27th

So I sometimes keep up with EQD's weekly polls. Here's this week's.

It came with this image:

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HOLY FUCK WHAT ANOTHER READING?! · 11:12pm Aug 21st, 2020

A month ago, the dramatic reader Sunlestia did an audio reading for one of my stories. Or, uh, one of the stories on my alt account. I only found out when I noticed that the story was in an audiobook group. The first result on YouTube ended up being said audio reading. I was in awe that someone was able to voice both Sunset Shimmer, Princess Celestia, and a narrator all on their own. While Sunlestia doesn't say my story is "poggers" like the reader of my last story, you should totally still

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I got a fic reading! · 2:48am February 20th

Hi everypony!

Here to inform you all that Falling Up now has a reading by Rainbow Infinity! Even if it's not a perfect example of my writing skill, I'd still highly recommend you check it out!

That's all for now, and sorry about the long wait between stories, it's just not really a priority for me at the moment. Hopefully I'll have some downtime soon!

Viewing 1 - 5 of 5 results