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    Headcanon, fanon, terms and favorites · 1:10pm April 19th

    Ok, lets have some fun today and talk about what canon, head canon and fanon are, and my favorite head canon.

    Canon, I think we all know what this is, official facts from the show and official tie in products (books and comics)
    Head canon, I think most are familiar with this one, its something a fan, writer or artist comes up with, a fact to fill in holes in the canon

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    Art Drop #1 · 9:07pm Sep 16th, 2015

    (Due to popular demand, which in a following of less than 50 people equates to 4 people asking me... this has now become a thing).

    #1 - Pheonix

    #2 - Princess Luna - Inspirational

    Brohoof /)

    PS. Update for "The Twilight Rainbow" coming soon!


    Anthro Philomena drawing · 2:24pm Dec 21st, 2015

    I can't quite classify this as fan art, because I'm not actually sure whether she's read the story, but a few days ago, my big little twin sister was looking for something to draw, and I was working on Philomena Masturbates, so I suggested anthro Philomena in bed.

    And lookee, isn't it gorgeous?! :pinkiegasp: :heart:

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    Retrospective: Cycle · 5:11pm March 13th


    Mythical birds? Check. Teenage dragons being teenagers? Check. Epic griffon versus dragon war? Check. Dramatic entrance? Check. Totally unexpected culture and lore building? Check.

    Think that’s it.

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    Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results