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I finished an old story - link included · 3:25am Feb 16th, 2021

I started off a story about two years ago called Winona, which was changed to Wi-no-na, to rhyme with 'no owner', as is implied in the context if you read the short description.

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Sci-Twi rates her fifth-grade teachers. · 8:11pm Apr 27th, 2021

Hello! This is Sci-Twi! Yeah, I’ve hacked into GJ’s account. I’m writing my first blog post now.

1. Mr D. S. Cord, my old science teacher.
I’d give him a 3/5. His lessons don’t even use books! Where’s the fun in that?
2. Principal Cinch, my old school’s principal.
I’d give her a 1/5. As her name implies, Principal Abacus Cinch taught me maths. I loved the lessons, but she never ever was friendly to anyone.

Actually, I’m renaming GJ’s username. Bye!

I’m out. Peace!

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results