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A Fic Worth Your Time · 11:32pm April 4th

EThe Silver Standard
Once upon a time, Silver Spoon's life made sense. Now she lives in Ponyville.
PatchworkPoltergeist · 297k words  ·  400  7 · 5.7k views

Patchwork Poltergeist finally completed her masterwork today. Y'all should read it.


Signal Boost and PONY Legacy Update · 12:22am Aug 28th, 2017

I wanted to take a minute to advertise the lovely Patchwork Poltergeist's latest short story, "Diminishing Returns":

EDiminishing Returns
Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Thrice is a pattern. Filthy Rich knows this pattern, and he's smelled this quiche before. It's time for a talk.
PatchworkPoltergeist · 9.4k words  ·  186  3 · 2.2k views

I've been a bad friend and not read the other stories in her Silver Standard continuity, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one on its own sans context, and now I'm really looking forward to reading the others.

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Buddy Boost! · 4:11am Jun 6th, 2017

I wanted to take a moment to give a signal boost to my dear fellow writer Patchwork Poltergeist, whose excellent fic The Silver Standard just updated.

It seems the new site overhaul did something terrible to the math, and without any change in her statistics her story plummeted down the rankings -- undeservedly, if you ask me.

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New Story: "And Yet, What Riches Still Await" · 4:04am Feb 29th, 2016

Most Beloved Readers, here's question I've been asking everyone for the past few days:
Does it count as an unusual ship if the couple is canon...but nobody really thinks they're in love? I'm pretty sure it does.

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Read It Later Reviews #30 – A Diamond and a Tether, Night Rose, Happy Hour, Quiet Contemplation, Fixing the Stud · 6:54pm Sep 13th, 2015

A Diamond and a Tether has been on my to-read list for a long time now, and I finally got around to reading it and wondered why I hadn’t done so before.

So many things are so easy to do in retrospect, and yet, we let months elapse before we do them.

In totally unrelated news, I’ve been working on editing Mistletrapped, sprucing up the last couple chapters before I ship them off to my editors.

Today’s stories:

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Read It Later Reviews #47 – A Lovely Apology; And Yet, What Riches Still Await; Otherworldly Advice; If I Gave You Diamonds and Pearls; True Bowmance · 11:08pm May 19th, 2016

Two days of reviews in a row? When was the last time that happened?

Today’s stories:

A Lovely Apology by PresentPerfect
And Yet, What Riches Still Await by PatchworkPoltergeist
Otherworldly Advice by Bookish Delight
If I Gave You Diamonds and Pearls by Estee
True Bowmance by Ceffyl Dwr

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