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Soarin Party n Teddy · 6:33pm Sep 6th, 2020

A wonder bolt a party planner and a bad pony for unknown meet each other with little in common with each other somehow will learn from each other

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soarin party favor, and teddy · 11:17pm May 28th, 2020

For anybody who doesn't know the reference of the characters the voice actors Matt Hill, Sam Vincent, and Tony Sampson who is retired now are from ed edd n eddy it would be interesting to see anyone to make a fan fiction story of those three but thats just me that would be amazing 😊 oh and teddy is a character from My Little Pony Tales


Post 05: WOW 75 VIEWS! · 11:48pm Aug 24th, 2015

Thanks so much for all the views, I didn't know that many others would want to read the crap that I write, but I guess I'm not as ####ty as I think I am.

Hope to write more!
~Paul (Derpysasuke)


Thoughts on the Nature of Party Ponies · 4:20am Jan 12th, 2019

So, this is a distinctly disorganized collection of thoughts on Party Ponies and their inner nature.

Pinkie Pie.

Party Favor.

Cheese Sandwich.

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My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) · 4:26am Oct 25th, 2017

This year has gone by quickly and I've found myself in a funk for most of it. Things like movies and what not haven't excited me. Writing has been difficult for a number of reasons. I don't consider it a block but it just became a chore to even want to open up a word file and type something. Therefore I started doing other things along the way. I learned to play a very poor version of Smoke on the Water and took pictures of the sun during the eclipse.

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Brian Is Gone But Not Forgotten · 3:47pm Jul 1st, 2017

Brian Is Gone But Not Forgotten

Brian was a fun-loving balloon. He enjoyed throwing parties for his balloon animal friends. He was always the life of the party. He brought joy to all of the young fillies and colts of Equestria with his balloon antics.

He was so well loved that he won the most coveted 'Best Balloon Animal' title eight years in a row.

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