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Good/Bad news · 4:28am Jun 29th, 2016

Okay so first the bad news, I deleted Origins of the Everfree. The whole story plot just wasn't coming together. So I actually hadn't published it so it was about how Apple bloom dared Scootaloo to spend the night in the Everfree Forest but she doesn't come back and the other CMC go to find her.

Now the good news! I'm redoing Origins of the Everfree! It's has a completely different storyline but it's working and coming together! I have to admit it's way better than the other one!

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Totally random just bored right now...... · 9:23pm Jul 3rd, 2016

Well my fanfics are going good right now, I'm pretty sure I should have the first chapter of Memories out by Tuesday at the latest, and Origins of the Everfree should be out by the 10th maybe. Anyways I was bored so I thought I should update you on when the first chapters would come out, and yeah.

Your Cookie Muncher,
Rainbow Spectrum

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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