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Author notes on The Night Guard - Night Mares, the sequel to A War of Words - The Opening of the Guard · 11:37pm Jan 9th, 2015

I’ve had a number of questions about my story Night Mares, and I thought the best way to answer them would be a blog post. I promise not to whine or complain about comments, other than simply “Waa, you suck!” posts, which will simply be ignored. (One must describe just why said story sucks, or you’re trolling.)

With no more tl;dr, here we go.

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Night Patrol 1 and 2 concept art Fierce Fury · 3:42am March 8th


Delayed Father’s Day Post - Progress on Child of Nightmares and Everfree · 2:16am Jun 21st, 2016

I’m currently making slow but constant progress on the next chapters in Child of Nightmares and Everfree, and in honor of Father’s Day (slightly delayed), I’ll let you get a sneak peek below the fold. I’m going to do my BEST to get the whole thing done before next Nightmare Night, or the bats will eat me.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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