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A Special Story Workshop StalkerCast today · 7:30pm Jan 21st, 2018

Today on the StalkerCast on Picarto TV, we'll be working live with blue-hart on the outline, characters and ideas for the story he's commissioned me to write for you. C'mon in and see how I work with peeps to whip their fantasies ideas into a coherent shape that'll be publishable on FIMFiction.

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Releasing to amazon · 4:08pm Oct 13th, 2023

Hey guy's now, while i know I'm retired from fimfiction, I figured you guys would love to hear about the release of a newer project, well it's Monster Hunter inc that's pre-orderable for Amazon, and the various places you can find my works since I'm no longer on Fimfiction, and where i post up. Please come by and check them out if you want.

Monster Hunter Preorder


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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results