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New story coming soon, and a heads up to what else is coming up in time · 11:44am Jul 13th, 2017

I’ve been working in the shadows on three new commissioned stories, and one of them is nearly completed and ready to see the light of day! I should have it finished and published within a couple days, as I need to receive the second payment for it put the final touches on it.

Pumpkin's Flurried Pounding

This story is a sequel to Pounding Flurry

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New story went to be reviewed · 12:39am Apr 27th, 2022

My new story is being reviewed. and ill let you know when it goes live.


Things are coming together · 8:47pm May 10th, 2021

MY main series Book 1 has been scent off to an interrupter and will be done in 5 Days and after that to an editor that I have hired then from there it will go thought one last edit by me and make it's way on to here. I hope that you all understand how important this story is to me. I have been working on this story for over 6 years and im excited to be getting this done!

If anyone cares about my channel on here anymore.

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Cuddle Story Coming Out at Five! · 9:39pm Feb 17th, 2018

5:00 in Eastern Time Zone, to be exact. The story is about 1,100 words long, so it's short and sweet.

Hope you guys will enjoy!

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New story coming within a week or so · 4:52am Dec 10th, 2017

As it says on the tin. Have a little teaser.


As a last resort, Sunburst has been asked to watch Flurry Heart while her father Shining Armor and mother Cadence go on their fifth year anniversary.

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six days 'til my 8th year on fimfic. 👁👁 · 6:55am June 5th

holy heck where'd the time go?

So. Come June 10th, I'll have been here on Fimfiction for a whole eight years. Possibly nine, if you count the time before I made my account and kept track of stories using only the favorites bar of Internet Explorer. I'm pretty sure I do in fact still have those favorited stories in my imported favorites on Chrome.

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New story coming soon! · 9:18am Feb 19th, 2020

Hey all! Just thought I'd let you know that, after nearly two years in development (on and off, with a long hiatus on it), I'm proud to present another story! I'll be releasing the finished, paid portions (aka the base story) over eight days (one each day) starting later today (2/19/20), and the epilogue I'm writing for it for free when it's done, (hopefully) soon after. Here's hoping you all like it, as the commissioner and I put a lot of work into this one, and we like to think it shows! For

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New story soon! · 4:27pm Aug 26th, 2021

...And an explanation on why I was away for so long.

Life. It got in the way of so many things, and didn't even think I was even in a good mental state.

The past few months have been really terrible for me, and it's mainly been because of my mood swings.

You could say I am doing a bit better, so expect some more stories soon, hopefully before school starts on the 29th.

~No name 13


Here's an Opportunity to Help Me · 11:03pm Jul 31st, 2015

(The Lunar Samurai, are you paying attention?)

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First Story Coming Soon! · 8:51pm Aug 3rd, 2015

(Hopefully.) (Seriously, The Lunar Samurai, this is your notification!)

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Update and Legend of Everfree thoughts (SPOILERS) · 4:38am Oct 4th, 2016

Okay, before I go into my thoughts on Legend of Everfree, I want to give you guys a quick update on what's to come.

For one thing, a story I have been working on since February is being looked at by a couple friends so I can get some feedback. It's a dark EQG fic involving Rainbow Dash, so you've been warned.

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