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Incoming Chapter 11 · 4:01am Dec 1st, 2017

Hello everybody. This time I actually remembered to post a warning. Anyway, as the title suggests, and as I mentioned in my last author's note, chapter 11 of A Tale of Two Suns is ready to be posted. I'll either be posting it tomorrow or maybe the next day. I'm not sure. Fridays can often be very tiring days for me, although this Saturday will have it's own madness to deal with (as did today actually....)

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ATOTS Editing Progress, and Chapter 15 coming Monday · 2:29am April 14th

Hi everybody. You're probably wondering what happened to the new chapter. I mean, I said "the next few days", right? Well, turns out the back-edits are taking a lot longer than I thought. But hey, I've never had the best sense for how long something will take anyway. ADHD thing.

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A Tale of Two Suns Chapter 13 out tomorrow! · 1:55am May 16th, 2018

Hello everyone. I know it's really late, or at least it is here. But anyway, promised, here's an update. Chapter 13 will be published tomorrow. I'm going to try to have it posted in the same window as last time, between 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM EDT. Be prepared for the next chapter, and a big one too.

See you all tomorrow. :pinkiehappy:


ATOTS Chapter 14 out tomorrow · 10:15pm Nov 11th, 2018

Hi everybody. It's pretty late in the day, but I was either busy, distracted, or couldn't make myself type up a post. The point is that A Tale of Two Suns chapter 14 will be posted tomorrow.

As with other times, I'll try to have it posted within a window of between 9:30 AM EST and 10:30 AM EST.

Hope you all like it, and see you all tomorrow.


ATOTS Chapter 12 out tomorrow · 3:08am Feb 14th, 2018

Hello everybody. I just wanted to let you all know that Chapter 12 of A Tale of Two Suns will be posted tomorrow. I'll be putting it up early tomorrow, I'm thinking between 9:30 and 10:30 AM EST. I'll have a few distractions tomorrow morning, but I'll be doing most of the work tonight so posting will be quick.

Just an extra thing to enjoy along with Valentine's Day. See you all tomorrow. So until then, goodnight everybody. :)

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