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Inspiration Needed! · 4:06pm Aug 16th, 2017

I've been in a rut. My two Pokemon fanfictions are coming along extremely slowly, though I enjoy them both.

I need a bit of variety to things up, and bring back my motivation. Throw any of your random ideas at me!!


I need a little help · 1:47pm Dec 5th, 2019

Ok guys, as much as I'm glad to finally get out of the baby Spike phase, I need some help, I have a few ideas for chapters between baby Spike and show time line, but I want a few more to work with. Here's what I got.

1) His first message, 1 week after he gets his fire.
2) Apple Family Reunion, where Spike meets the whole clan.
3) His first Day at school with his aunts.
4) Twilights number one assistant (Not Spike) probably Owl after shining leaved for the guard.

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One-shot idea dump, anypony? · 6:03am Jul 28th, 2016

I want to try to make a few one shots about mane six *mostly flutters* so I can try to get used to writing them before I start writing the pony chapters OBD (LBD) I want my story to be as ICly as possible, so if you have any ideas or pics that might inspire dump em' here! Maybe you'll get a cookie!..


I'm sick... · 11:56am Jul 27th, 2019

Hello guys,

I have some bad news,
I have been diagnosed with a rare disease, known as......

Ebola! Jk, it's actually...


Please help me, I need ideas for my two stories Life of Frosty and Celestia's tangled adventure.
If you don't have any ideas or simply are not interested then that is okay



Announcement · 3:04pm Oct 8th, 2018

Where I did a full flashback for Hope, I'm not sure if I should do that for Crimson.

Did Hope's bore you?
If I do this for Crimson, what do you think I should do?
He's only mentioning his wife and some of what he did before so far, but how would you like the flashback?


Could Use Some Suggestions · 11:44pm April 11th

Heya, Folks!

Sorry about the frequent blogging, I generally try not to do that without reason. Last time I blogged was for a sneak peek of my next chapter of A Daughter and her Dragon, since I've been suffering from some nasty writer's block and wanted you guys to at least have a taste of what's going on there.

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