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Damn. · 5:42am Aug 7th, 2016

Been gone for about a minute. Till this day aint sure if i'll continue any stories. Haven't been feelin MLP for years. My bad.

Sucks too. Lookin back i had some alr stories.


Taking a moment for edits · 10:47pm Jan 25th, 2019

So, after some reviews with others, a lot of my mistakes in my previous submissions were pointed out. Seeing that, I will be going back over those submissions to fix as many mistakes as I can, as well as bring in an editor to take a more in-depth review to help me put out the best work that I can.

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Report EmptyPlotFiller · 158 views · #Whoops #my bad.

Things I didn't expect reviving in 2018 · 7:43am Aug 15th, 2018

This story.

Sorry for the pretty much three years without an update.

It's alive now and unlike a lot of my stories from around this period of time, I always felt like I should come back and continue it even if it doesn't fully work with how I tend to write now. This came together quick so it's not like I've sat on this story for years. Helps that unlike other weird crossover like stories I've written, I've never gotten past my love for superheroes.

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I made an oopsie. · 11:44pm Nov 7th, 2019

I made some changes to Chapter 6, realizing I had changed it in my Word Doc and not on here, which led to inconsistencies between Chapters 6 and 7. Those have been fixed. My bad.


Update for Little Nemo · 6:30pm Oct 22nd, 2015

I finally got around to it... I know a measly 4 and a half k chapter isn't enough to make up for making you guys wait so long, but I swear I'll be trying to at the very least release another couple of chapters in the coming months.

Go read it!


And now for something completely different. · 6:51pm Sep 16th, 2019


I really... really... screwed up. · 8:06pm Nov 18th, 2020

To those who viewed my newest upload within the first 50 minutes of me uploading it... uploaded the wrong fucking chapter. I mean... God damn, and I mean chapter title and all. So, if you were lucky enough to get in there and read what I had done of chapter 85 (all 4 or 5 of you, I think), congrats, you got to see the rough draft of the next chapter. Everyone else, you'll have to wait.

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So do you guys like books? · 12:09am Mar 29th, 2021

Do you like physical pony fanfics? Do you like human in Equestria? Do you like human-turned-pony? Do you like my art?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, may I point you to Boopy Doopy's story, I Am Not Sombra, now available for physical purchase right here.

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