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My Little Pony tell your tail episode 53 · 3:13pm June 1st

Ok everything was just happening so quickly but apparently the necklace that Misty has supposed to be just talking to opaline but apparently affected anybody who wears it or a mist of cloud turn them bad self of them which that's a pretty strong dark magic but somehow Misty was the only one who did not get affected either that she must be have a strong will not to be affected even though she wanted to but not really it's very interesting

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Question regarding my posting of the Tell Your Tale episodes! · 12:43am October 13th

So, last Thursday we had a crazy time skip when it came to Tell Your Tale, and we got a post-Chapter 6 episode, apparently.

The question I pose to everyone that comes to my blogs is, should I continue posting TYT episodes, if they're all going to be post-Chapter 6 material?

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Ranking TYT episodes · 11:45am Jul 28th, 2022

  • The Starscout Code
  • y Bananas
  • All That Jazz
  • Queens For A Day
  • The Game Is Ahoof
  • On Your Cutiemarks
  • Mane Melody
  • Pipsqueaks Forever
  • Sisters Take Flight
  • Maretine Bay Day 2
  • Zipp’s Yes Day
  • T.U.E.S Day
  • Alicorn Issues
  • Pony Partay
  • Another Pony’s Trash
  • Clip Trot
  • A Home To Share
  • Nightmare Roomate
  • Foal Me Once
  • Neighfever
  • Making Foal Outta
  • Zipp’s Flight School
  • Puphunt
  • Sunny Days Dinners

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results