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Got Myself a Patreon to do Art Commissions :3 · 12:07am Jul 23rd, 2018

If you want to check me out here is my Patreon and I do have a Deviantart too.

Art Commissions are open, pm me if interested. I’m only doing mlp and mlp OC artwork at the moment. Thank you for checking me out.
Also, I have deviant art account and my username is littlewashu45
PayPal only
One OC or MLP characters $15.00
Additional OC or MLP characters $5.00
Added Background $5.00


Stupid/embarrassing YouTube channel update · 5:52am Dec 19th, 2015

It's taking me too long, it's too much effort, and I feel like this would crash and burn anyway.

Would you guys be mad if I made the oc review project a tumblr blog instead of videos? It's so much effort and I feel the more I struggle with iMovie the more I'm putting things off. What do you guys think?


Going To Paris · 7:59pm May 20th, 2016

Ok, so:

Yeah, so. This:

Ok, so in about an hour im going on a couch with my friends, on a boat, and on a train to get to Paris. I will be gone for 4 days, so don't expect things. I am going Disney Land, Paris and so I will obviously take pictures and maybe post a few! None of me though! XD

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New Comic · 11:49pm Oct 22nd, 2016

Hey guys! So I figured I'd pass this around: I started one of those MLP OC Ask Blogs. I know, I know, there are like 80 million of them, but I'm really enjoying my character, Salespitch, and it's been fun doing responses so far. It's called I Am Not An Alicorn. Please feel free to drop by and check it out!

Here's the intro comic:


Pony Art Giveaway Raffle - SEE DETAILS BELOOOOW · 9:27pm Dec 4th, 2017

Do YOU like ponies?
(If not... I have no idea why you're on this site XD;)

Do YOU have a Tumblr?

Do YOU like ART of PONIES/OTHER MLP SPECIES (including your own)???

Then perhaps you will be interested in the giveaway raffle I'm doing over on my MLP Ask Blog, "I Am Not An Alicorn"!

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New OC: Dusky Pearl · 10:25pm Jan 13th, 2016

Updated with brighter colors. Done due to an artist friend's advice.

Hey guys! I've been working on her for quite a handful of hours now and I feel like sharing to you guys.

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Sentinel Shield Throughout the Years · 5:51am May 8th, 2016

[10:43:30 PM] Kohl: it jsut puts it all in one place thats really easy
[10:43:37 PM] Kohl: omg i should draw them all meeting each other
[10:43:46 PM] Chaotic Noote: kohl please
[10:43:51 PM] Chaotic Noote: whyyyy
[10:44:18 PM] Chaotic Noote: honestly that'd be a fan fiction i'll write if you ever draw that

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