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okay, so ah, while i'm ahead, i wanna let you guys know · 10:43pm Dec 16th, 2020

So! With the new year comes new me, yada-yada, all that bs. I thought that, since I'm actually trying to write a tid more seriously--I'll explain my reasoning on why I'm even back to a fuller extent later--I might, eh, might as well drop the alias "Lack of Tact," finally.

I mean, not like I'll never not have a lack of tact. I'm that, but personified.

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The Little Things · 11:30pm Oct 15th, 2015

It's the little things in life that just make it worth living you know?

I know this kid's a troll, but it's still funny.


Top Ten Musical Releases of 2020 · 9:37am Jan 23rd, 2021

alright I know this is pretty late but I've been struggling with my shitty job and also there was that literal fucking insurrection so things have been a bit busy as of late. i said i'd do this though and i kinda did want to get back into the habit of doing it since i stopped at the end of 2015 and it's a small thing to keep me from completely losing my mind ig. music is something i care about a lot and is probably me favorite medium of art. enjoy my top picks for last year.

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This is the theme I play... · 3:52am Apr 16th, 2016

When I'm busting myself out of jail.

When I'm doing a training montage.

When I'm waiting for Zelda U to come out in a few days.

When I meet my newborn kid for the first time.

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New year? Already? Really? Happy new year! · 2:49am Dec 30th, 2020

Nah I'm kidding, but 2020 really is coming closer to ending. I want to start up the new year by working on my van. Gonna try and make the damn thing more livable lmfao, I'm kidding. I'm converting an ol' Ford '89 Econoline into a minicamper and I wanna see it through!

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so i lost my job, im homeless, but i gotta van! · 6:24pm Dec 19th, 2020

Hey doods, twilightsmile speaking but of course.

So, sometime earlier I'd mentioned I'd say why I'm back with a more fuller-time approach. I'd recently been let go from my last employer and have been kinda struggling to land back on my feet. It's all fine though! I don't mean to say I'm worried or anything, or that I'm even fearful for the matter.

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meme thingy from sky blue cmc · 2:47pm Sep 3rd, 2018

❤️Person I got: Ex Bestfriend

❤️Name in my phone: hoe i can't even remember who i used to call best friend that i don't like now; idk why i'm filling this out there's no one i consider ex best friend

❤️Last time we talked:

❤️Made me mad:

❤️Like/love them:

❤️Who's taller?:

❤️Do you see them in your future?:

❤️Worst temper:

❤️One word to describe them:

❤️One emoji to describe them:

Comment “”, and I'll give you yours.

"Ex bestfriend"

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proving a point to ice · 6:32pm Aug 21st, 2018

how many of u think ice star is cute

comment "yay" if u do and comment "oh my god sam no" if u don't


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhot leaf juice · 12:49am Sep 29th, 2018

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