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Life, Shenanigans and All the Rest · 1:32am Dec 12th, 2016

Well... the 13th of November came and went with little fanfare... I no longer work at the steel mill, and now I'm doing odd shifts at UPS shipping facilities or at another site while doing Anti-Piracy work in theaters for advance screenings of movies...

This has resulted in me seeing several movies... Obviously I can't say much, but here's what I can say:
*Passengers - An okay movie
*Sing - Cute and funny. Would recommend.

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Seemingly Annual Moving... · 5:22pm Nov 20th, 2017

SO! What's been going on since July?

Honestly? It's been a lot of working...

PCF was a lot quieter this year because there was only a few of us out of the group from last year, which was saddening, but I still had a load of fun. Because there weren't as many people there with me, I signed up to volunteer and I got to go on the Pub Trot as a volunteer (I wanted to go, but they sold out of tickets before I could buy my ticket).

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Coping with a B0rken Husband: Part the Second · 4:27am Jun 29th, 2018

Has it been 7 weeks already?

Feels like forever, or maybe only a week or two... not sure... But in any case...
Hubby's doing much better now. He's gotten so I don't have to do everything for him, and he's even walking!!! (Though usually he needs at least a cane or a walker for support.)

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Coping with a B0rken Husband · 3:33pm May 6th, 2018

As I described in my last post, my husband spent the last week in the hospital. He's been home for a couple days, and while he's not able to do much for himself, I'm still infinitely grateful that he's home.

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So the Universe got me and Hubby an Anniversary Present... · 11:58pm May 4th, 2018

For those not keeping track, this last Monday (April 30th) was my one-year wedding anniversary with my darling dearest husband.
Well... On the 27th (Friday), the Universe gifted us it's present... and I wanted to return it and punch the Universe in the teeth.

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I'm officially terrible at this... · 3:44am Oct 8th, 2018

So it's been over three months. Let's see if I can briefly recap this...

Good Things:

  • Hubby's no longer in Physical Therapy and he's walking without even a cane for assistance!
  • I still have a job.
  • Hubby has a better job, still within his company, that pays him more, and also gives us days off together.
  • We have a second car! We've named her Hotaru and she's amazing. It's been loads of interesting to learn how to drive a manual transmission.

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