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Cya · 7:48pm Jun 20th, 2020

I know this may sound tough, but I deciding to leave fimfiction and hand over my account to my bro. I will also be deleting game time with Luna (preview) and cansluling the full verson. I will not be taking any requests at the moment. And this last bit goes out to selfishbrat: I'm really sorry. I hope this doesn't effect you in anyway. I will be staying for 3 weeks, then my bro will take over. Cya, and thanks.


Recently got this note in my inbox · 1:46am Dec 20th, 2016

What can I say? RC well it just sucks. So does your friend fracturedheart. I will be talking about behind your back just to let you know. "bitch" hardly a wanna be at best. :popcorn:

He goes by SaberBloodyWings7 on DeviantArt. And he apparently wants me dead. I'll give him what he wants. I'm tired of being a fake.


My Very Last Blog Post - Goodbye · 9:40pm Jun 7th, 2021

As of now, I think the time has come to finally abandon my Fimfiction page. I don't particularly want any involvement in the MLP community any longer and I hold no interest in continuing to be an active member. While my page remains open to everyone, I've logged out permanently and don't think I'll return to it or use it again. No more blogs, no more stories, no related content - it's over.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results