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New Pic of Godzilla Senior · 2:48am Sep 24th, 2020

Hey, everybody. No new chapters for A Second Chance yet, but I did draw another pic of Godzilla that will hopefully tide you over.



Artwork on Derpibooru. · 2:51am Jun 16th, 2020

As I'm slowly getting back into writing, I'm also dusting off my art skills. I've sketched a couple of first designs for Godzilla, ponified, and posted them on my account at Derpibooru, same name as here. Let me tell you, this was a b#### of a chore to do. Had to download Adobe Photoshop, only after finding out that Adobe Illustrator was not the right program to use (and that took at least an hour!), had to edit it, and when I finally got the pic posted, the first couple times were too small.

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Kaiju Profile: Zetton · 11:27pm Apr 17th, 2017

(Kaiju used in the Kaiju Ponies section of the Equestria Across the Multiverse story done over on DA (which will EVENTUALLY be posted here) and made with some help from Tarbtano, as it's set in an alternate universe version of the universe of his amazing fanfic The Bridge, though it's written with the idea he exists in the prime universe and simply never appeared due to different circumstances. Kaiju Ponies

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results