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To Anyone Who Cares · 2:28am Oct 21st, 2015

Been fighting with myself ever since I first made an account on here about making blogs, but since I'll be here a while, I think this might be the first thing needed to decor my page.

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Feathered Hearts - Continuation & Chronicles: Introductory Blog · 11:05pm Mar 20th, 2021

Greetings, one and all! Whether you're a long-starved reader of the original story, or a new one just coming in, this is your starting point for Feathered Hearts - Continuation and Chronicles. In it, I will try to anticipate likely questions and explain myself, as to both why I've chosen to do this, and in this manner.

TFeathered Hearts - Continuation and Chronicles
The Griffon Kingdom has overcome countless challenges and adversaries over its long history. But can it survive the coming of humanity and the return of an ancient foe?
Firesight · 267k words  ·  232  20 · 3.9k views

So what is this new story?

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Feathered Hearts: Eros - Introduction · 1:38pm May 31st, 2021

Greetings to all readers, both new and returning! Welcome to Feathered Hearts: Eros. It's become of a bit of a habit for me to write introductory blogs for new stories, especially ones I worry might cause some eyebrows to raise for one reason or another. This is very much one of them, given it's based on what was originally another author's story.

Who is the author and what is the story?

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