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HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! · 5:41pm Dec 29th, 2018

I wanted to wait until the new year to do this, but I'm actually really excited and I couldn't wait any longer. I am no longer TheNewYorkBrony. Well I mean I am, on here at least, just not as a whole. Elsewhere from now on I'll be known as JupiterRising, started from today. And not only will I be known officially as something else, I'll also have fandom names linked to different fandoms. I will still be TNYB on here, but I also will be Catrastrophe on AO3 due to my recent joining of the She-Ra

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Important Announcement To All Authors · 11:49pm Sep 30th, 2015

Hey guys WhiskeyFoxtrotTangoCharlie141 here. Look I have problems with grammar and spelling and I don't have much information about the military. I want to be a soldier one day fighting for my country but I don't know if I could. All I'm trying to do is to let you guys understand and like my stories so you all can do audio-read, fan-arts and maybe do fan-films. All I want people is to like my story even though I make mistakes. When I was on FanFiction people understand my mistakes and like my

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The Future Of Me On This Site (*insert more Clickbait-titles here*) · 5:57pm Sep 25th, 2016


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: A Tale of Two Suns is ON HIATUS · 7:09pm April 17th

Hi everybody. So... chapter 15 has not gone over very well, to say the least. I get it. I made a mistake, and my plans haven't panned out the way I'd hoped. sigh

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results
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