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if anything is gonna cause me to quit watching the show weekly it'll probly be this week's ep · 6:34pm Apr 15th, 2018

i'm only abt 6 minutes in and i'm letting it play while i write out a blog :T

i'm kinda hating on it?

it's just

rainbow p l e a s e


i'm crying i want to watch this · 2:51am Dec 16th, 2015

i NEED to watch this

but can i? nooooo

why? (well i'm under 17) and my parents are very transphobic and would deem this movie a "negative influence" and that it would cause "more teenagers to be confused about who they are and start thinking they're not the gender they were born with"

tbh i might buy tickets for a different movie and just go watch this instead sometimes

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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