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Mixed Drinks Re-Vamped. · 7:19am Jul 2nd, 2015

What started out as a joke turned into something more and gain a bit of a following. I have had many positive things said about the story, I have received many nice review, but I have yet to work on the story in over a year do to the fact that I do not know where it is going. I lost the motivation of the joke some time ago, and I feel like I am written into a corner almost. While I love the people who have Favorited and Liked this piece of fiction I want to change it. The extra character

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New Story! · 2:45pm Apr 15th, 2018

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Yay! My first HiE fic!


human turns into story: Pink Diamond · 7:05am Nov 18th, 2017

(this is just an idea of ch.1 or something)

the beginning

"A human explorer, drawn by the rumors of a diamond filled cavern, goes off to explore an abandoned mine. During the exploration, he stumbles across a still-in-tact-Pink Diamond gemstone, which upon contacting, begins to transform the explorer into the said diamond."

the middle

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Story Idea · 3:50pm Jun 2nd, 2023

I have a story idea that I would love to see to fruition, but that I would rather leave to someone who actually lives in America to write because they would know best. It's just the basic idea however, so I guess that I would leave the rest for them to decide.

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results