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Natural World & Wildlife 3rd place: Wiebke Haas, Germany. Horsestyle. · 3:53pm May 2nd, 2018

One winner of the Sony World Photography Awards 2018:

Makeup by Rarity. © Photo Finish

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About the author · 11:58pm January 24th

Uh, I guess I need something nice to attach to this page so here it is.

I like writing for the same reason you might like reading. I'm a no way match to real authors in here but it is still nice to try doing something and get better with the results.

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Some info · 10:28pm Mar 3rd, 2016

With this update of GESM, I'm returning with far more planned than I started with, so the new chapter has been placed before am existing one. I touched up both the current chapters, and it's been awhile, so I hope you all go through them again. Enjoy!

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Teeny-Tiny Horses Exist · 4:39pm Sep 18th, 2015

So this is a thing that is actually a thing?

I guess you can't ride them, but OMG so cuddly. :rainbowkiss: So much the wubs.

Fun stuff aside, I'm still struggling 24/7 to find a treatment for depression that works again. The latest attempt is failing so far, so in a week I'll be shifting gears to some other chemical. Hooves crossed.

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A very large swathe of amusing pony dreams · 7:32pm Apr 8th, 2018

Dream 1: I awake, I think, to find myself looking legs, which seem to somehow be incredibly long. It then dawns on me I'm a Breezie. Lovely. That ended. Hehe.

Dream 2: Some kind of dream about getting an achievement in a videogame. It involved some armored MLP-style looking dragons with riders. Ended quickly.

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