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Hecate's is Complete · 6:16pm Sep 13th, 2016

Hecate’s Orphanage is complete.
Now it’s time for a readthrough and editing.
I’ll begin posting on the 19th/20th.


The Second Time · 6:21pm Aug 12th, 2016

Hecate's Orphanage has officially hit the big seven digit number.
It's going to be longer than Glory Be: I'm estimating there's somewhere between 50-100K words left to write. The good news is that I think I found some of my writing mojo again, so it should hopefully be done on schedule in spite of how busy things are lately.



Hecate's Orphanage · 2:20pm Sep 19th, 2016

It added like a billion bold tags to the story so let me know if the formatting is wonky anywhere. But it looks right on my end, since the tags all cancelled each other out or something.
But yeah. It should be up shortly. And as promised, here is some silliness.
Quick link to YouTube Playlist here.

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Finally, Updating · 1:44pm May 29th, 2016

I am like way behind on basically life. First of all I apologize for not being entirely done with the stuff I said I would. Also some of you still haven't messaged me about charity rewards, but that in part is my own fault because I never ended up messaging anyone due to a variety of issues I'm still working through. But please do message me if you donated and haven't received anything yet and I'll add you to the list I have here and we can at least figure something out for you.

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Hecate's Orphanage Soundtrack · 4:31am Mar 10th, 2017

Silver was kind enough to put together a soundtrack for Hecate's Orphanage. You can check it out here.

People are far better to me than I deserve. Thank you all for sticking around.

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