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To combat my sad brain, here are some happy things. · 5:59pm Aug 17th, 2015

Which is good, because other than the following, I'm not having a very happy day. But enough of that- onto the goods.

Wanderlust hit 100 likes this morning. It's the first multi-chapter story I published on this site, and the first fanfic I started writing since I was 16. I'm now 34 and now I'm writing MLP fic, so there you have it.

[there was a gif here but I felt like it was going to give a seizure the more I looked at it.]

Thank you to all the lovely people who read it.

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Twinkling Gem: Sequel · 5:50pm Jan 9th, 2017

Hello there, everypony! A much needed message for those of you wondering what's going to happen to Twinkling Gem's sequel. Firstly, don't worry. The series is far from ever reaching a point of being cancelled. Why's that? Because it's a story I love working on! :yay: Now as I talk, I'll say more beyond the break. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Animated series to look forward to · 11:27am Mar 13th, 2017

Here's someone who's talking about new animated series that are slated for release this year, the video was posted last week so some of the time references might be a bit off. There are links in the youtube video description to where you can watch/ get info for them, so if any of the stuff he mentions catches your attention then head to then you know where to go and what to do.


from cars to singing through a text · 3:35am Jun 15th, 2016

Alright guys i think this the best random text session with a friend i have ever had. A buddy of mine you might know him as Dash32 we are texting each other on our phones. Us being car guys we talk about mostly cars, and some pony stuff and i throw a pun here and there. This was so random though because as we talk about cars we started talking about some my little pony and applejack and some rainbow dash. Out of know we are basically singing Jason Aldeans badass song She's Country through the

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Do you like Revels? - What's the best flavour? · 2:04pm July 17th

Anyone here like Revels?

In nearly every shop I've been in that isn't Poundland, I hardly find them anywhere. Always got to be the good stuff that's hidden away somewhere. But I'm sat here with a bag right now, and life is better.

Nothing is better than the coffee flavoured one; nothing. It has to be the best one besides chocolate raisins or the minstrels. I absolutely hate the orange one. Least favourite flavour of anything.

Anyone else vote as coffee for being the best flavour ever?


On the softer side of snugglesome Play. · 4:38pm Jul 7th, 2016

I've been assisting NineCaliber with Her Collar, Her Love. While I'm not so sure my contributions are enough to really warrant the co-author label she's given me, it's an excellent, cuddly romp through two mares learning their way into the B&D scene, learning about each other, and having a sweet relationship, 'cos Nine is awesome like that. Our two participants are

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State of the Human, December 2017 · 2:31pm Dec 6th, 2017

November was a good month for me, both for writing and in meat space.

Writing-wise, I put out three stories last month. This is a new record for me. Seriously, I'm more inconsistent than quality in a DC superhero movie.

The last story I posted in November did... Well, astoundingly well. I expected to get a few chuckles and then have my story get buried by others of higher quality.

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Work Within Your Limitations: Make the Idea Fit the Writing (or, How I Get Away with Shitty Prose) · 5:07pm Nov 21st, 2018

Something that might surprise most of you is that, when I try to humblebrag, I barely talk about the obscene size of my penis. There is nothing humble about it. It’s just generally a great thing.

No, what I always talk about is the fact that—and this is true, fucking warped as it sounds—even though I am the dumbest motherfucker on this website? I sometimes need to put, like, real effort into convincing my readers that my prose is shit.

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A Summary of the Everfree Northwest "How to Write Girls" Panel · 12:02am May 14th, 2016

GM Berrow: I'm still at the airport.

Heartshine: Okay, so, she's going to be late. So, how do you write female characters?

Amy Keating Rogers: Women are people. Just write them like people.

MA Larson: What she said.

*insert 58 minutes of making fun of Spike here*

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