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Writing again · 6:55am Jul 17th, 2018

No idea how I did it but there's 1500 words already done. Had a good day of writing.

Don't know when this will be done. Most likely by sometime next month.

I feel like this might be a real weird chapter. Though I seem to be writing every pony in the dream like a weirdo. Messed up dream logic.

And the funny thing is the first two scenes of Rainbow's nightmare is done and they are pretty tame compared to the mess I'm coming up with.

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Report Peridork · 112 views · #good progress

8500 words into next chapter · 3:41am May 29th, 2019

Pinkie and Twilight scenes done. Wasn't expecting to finish them or to reach nearly 9000 words yet, but I had a good few days of progress.

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Good news! · 9:22am February 1st

The next chapter will be coming out today! This chapter was much easier to write than the previous one and I’m looking forward to writing the next few chapters with this new storyline.

As always, leave a like and a comment if you’re enjoying the story and I’ll see you in a few hours! :twilightsmile:

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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