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More Stressful Adventures... · 3:28pm Dec 24th, 2016

Good news - Jinxy, Fiance and I have signed a lease for a really sweet apartment!
Bad News - Work is getting even more stressful because Jinxy's coworker dun-effed-up and will be removed from site, which means that I'm the one Jinxy wants to have take those shifts....... STARTING TODAY.

Did I mention we're moving on Tuesday and there's been next to NOTHING done to prep for it?

This is Witchy. This is Witchy about to die from all the stress/anxiety.

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I'm officially terrible at this... · 3:44am Oct 8th, 2018

So it's been over three months. Let's see if I can briefly recap this...

Good Things:

  • Hubby's no longer in Physical Therapy and he's walking without even a cane for assistance!
  • I still have a job.
  • Hubby has a better job, still within his company, that pays him more, and also gives us days off together.
  • We have a second car! We've named her Hotaru and she's amazing. It's been loads of interesting to learn how to drive a manual transmission.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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