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The hypocrisy of Disney in a nutshell · 1:08pm Oct 11th, 2021

Disney: We cancelled The Owl House because one of our executives think it doesn't fit our brand.

Also Disney: Shows a scene in Amphibia where Marcy Wu gets impaled in her chest by King Andrias with his laser sword


1 a.m. Ramble · 6:17am Dec 21st, 2019

I promise you I'm not drunk.

So, with all this talk about "Rise of Skywalker" (which I have still yet to see) and it got me wanting to watch the Family Guy Star Wars episodes (which I hadn't seen since "It's A Trap" aired). Which seems kinda weird, because, I'm like "when was the last time I watched a full Family Guy episode and not just a compilation video on YouTube?"

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results