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thank you (to my readers)! · 10:10pm May 3rd, 2018

for 150 updoots on this:

TForever Mare
There are ponies that even the gods cannot help.
Ice Star · 11k words  ·  171  24 · 4k views

and 90 on this

TCrystalline: Her Destiny
Lately, Princess Cadance has been feeling inadequate. She's spoken of this briefly to Twilight Sparkle but her longing for a grand adventure is really starting to get to her as are the thoughts that she isn't doing all that she can.
Ice Star · 24k words  ·  124  5 · 2.6k views

and 70 on this small contest story

EHer Own Sky
Twilight Sparkle is many things, as Princess Celestia is about to learn. Will her newest Faithful Student finally serve a higher purpose?
Ice Star · 6.5k words  ·  84  8 · 2.3k views

and especially to whichever of my readers read far enough to finish and updoot this

TFavorable Alignment
Princess Luna disappears from Equestria with hopes of saving the world and is accompanied by the enigmatic Sombra. Meanwhile, Celestia tries to bury secrets as immortal as she is and Cadance must choose her loyalties carefully...
Ice Star · 360k words  ·  68  8 · 1.9k views

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SNLKKLASNDSDAS · 9:12pm Jan 12th, 2018

I was too lazy to bother with a title, but this is my return blog. I'm fully back from my hiatus. Hurrah! I'm also constantly tired in 2018, hooray! This however, hasn't stopped me from writing. Consider this the update blog and the future of my writing blog that most people have posted in the first days of 2018, since that is what this will contain.

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