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I've started writing for "Flurry Heart's Story"! Pilot: Elements Assemble! · 2:23am March 27th

That's right, I've finally started writing some material for the "Flurry Heart's Story" fanfic series I mentioned in an earlier blog post! The first story is going to be called "Elements Assemble". It will act as a sort of 2-parter pilot to the series and will introduce us to Flurry as she starts off one summer visiting Ponyville and finds herself thrown into all sorts of adventures, many of which have to do with the "Trio" (Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Chrysalis) and stopping (and possibly

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Upcoming FHS story titles and synopses · 12:56am June 29th

I mentioned this earlier on DA, but here is a list of upcoming fanfics for Flurry Heart's Story including a short synopses.

WARNING: May include some spoilers.

  • Elements Assemble (complete) - Tired of her life as a princess, Flurry Heart is sent to Ponyville to start an adventure like her aunt Twilight. She soon finds herself thrown into danger as a horrible beast plagues Ponyville, looking for the Tree of Harmony.

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Journals, Flurry Heart, and Age of the Alicorns · 8:59pm January 5th

You guys may have already noticed but I have started a little something called the "Journals of the Council of Friendship". After the finale, I decided that I can still continue with a planned fanfic called "Flurry Heart's Story", but I figured to get things set up, I would make some little journal entries by the Mane Six and Spike talking about all the events in their lives that happen between "Ending of the End Part 2" and the time that FHS starts (which is about 8 years after Twilight's

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Series-Continuation Fan-Episode Project Survey · 6:40pm Oct 26th, 2019

As you probably don't know, I'm somewhat involved in The Fan Continuation Project ("somewhat involved" = I contribute with my own lack of ideas). At least the whole thing seems to be getting traction despite my lack of effort and, as it needs a direction, we now have a nice little survey:

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"Elements Assemble" finished! "Cheesy as Pie" next! · 1:21am June 14th

It's been 2 months since I started the Flurry Heart's Story series with the pilot episode, "Elements Assemble" and today I've finally posted the last chapter! I'm really happy with all the comments you guys have left and I'm happy to see it's given the same feel that the official show does. I like writing my episodic MLP fics to be styled after the show and there will be plenty more like that!

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Read It Later Reviews #45 – Kaleidoscope, Idols, Inadequecy, Spike’s Slightly Dangerous New Hobby, Weatherpony · 12:49am Apr 11th, 2016

Scribblefest judging is winding down, and I’m working on getting the last few stories judged. Expect some more review posts early next week on the rest of the stories, but I’ll be getting all the rest of them read and judged this evening.

Reminder to those who are participating - I'm but one judge of nine, so my opinions are not the final word on these stories.

Today’s stories:

Kaleidoscope by Winston
Idols by BlazzingInferno
Inadequecy by Regidar

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