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Five Score /4 · 3:38am Dec 1st, 2020

Over a year ago I leaped at the change to own a hard copy of (in)famous Five Score Divided by Four story. Twisted Spectrum announced it was going to be a huge undertaking of reedits and tweaks, and it will contain fanart. Whoever he went through really took their time putting this together. And I'm glad! Because the final product is fantastic!

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Existential Crisis in Skype · 2:22pm Nov 21st, 2015

[9:00:47 AM] Deepthroat: I bought the wrong kind of baton
[9:03:37 AM] Deepthroat: I always buy this baguette when I go shopping
[9:03:43 AM] Deepthroat: This one is way too crispy
[9:05:08 AM] Deepthroat: Wait, I just realised
[9:05:23 AM] Deepthroat: I buy baguettes often and Raindrops likes her baguettes
[9:05:30 AM] Deepthroat: And I eat bon bons a lot
[9:05:32 AM] Deepthroat: Is
[9:05:36 AM] Deepthroat: Is my life Five Score?
[9:05:44 AM] Deepthroat: Am I gonna turn into a pony?

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Five Score and One for the Road · 11:09am February 17th

If you are here, I suggest you look at Hyreia's story, Five Score and One for the Road!

[Adult story embed hidden]

I help with proofreading it, and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. If you are a fan of the Five Score series, or are new to the series, you may well enjoy it also!

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