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Closure · 8:17pm Nov 23rd, 2019

Wow. It's really been, what, six to seven years now?

Time has passed by like a dream. It's as if my childhood was swept away by the wind.

I'm no longer nine years old; I'm an angsty fifteen-year-old now.

Looking back at my desire for becoming a beloved author, I am amused, to say the least. Seeing "A Derp in Time" and "Pomfalicious" again takes me back to my innocence. I'm reminded of who I was, and I compare it to who I have become.

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My Very Last Blog Post - Goodbye · 9:40pm Jun 7th, 2021

As of now, I think the time has come to finally abandon my Fimfiction page. I don't particularly want any involvement in the MLP community any longer and I hold no interest in continuing to be an active member. While my page remains open to everyone, I've logged out permanently and don't think I'll return to it or use it again. No more blogs, no more stories, no related content - it's over.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results