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Guess who's back · 11:57pm Mar 31st, 2021

Me, sorry for the delay. Hope you enjoy! :pinkiehappy:


Merry Festivus · 12:45am Dec 26th, 2015

Hope you guys are having a good Holiday! I sure am. I got a new phone (which is good, because I loaded my last one so full of music that it could barely run, and it couldn't hold any more hipster garbage on it when I still had whole DISCOGRAPHIES of junk to stock up on), two cute plushies of the best Royal Sister squad in town, and various assorted pencils, pens, and graph paper to satiate my cartography lust. Hopefully you all are having a good time exchanging gifts, hanging out with family,

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Report Regidar · 306 views · #christmas #fic update

Change - The Next Chapter is Written! · 5:34pm Nov 28th, 2021

Hi all! Unless you happened to have been following Twilight Over Thanalan, it's been a while since you have seen an update from me!

It's been... a long year. A long couple years, really. And yes, I kinda fell off the internet with the exception of collabs with Skijarama, and I can't honestly say my motivation is 100% returned. But, said collaborator has kindly been pointing a metaphorical gun to my head until I actually wrote something. So I did!

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HEart of worlds update schedule · 8:03pm Jul 2nd, 2016

Yes, now that all of my life is sorted out (Moving is a bitch!) I can now focus on the real work of a fanfic writer. And so! its time for a schedule.

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Updates and Check Out This New Fic · 1:50am Jun 3rd, 2020

So the next chapter of Sunlight Theory is in editing hell. As in, I hate it and have been obsessively making micro edits until I hate it less enough to post. I'm just showing my face here because I want to point you to a great new fic to tide you over while I rewrite* rephrase the chapter for the 100th time.

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Pony restoration · 6:23am May 10th, 2021

So even though I only really got into writing or drawing pony back when S9 was airing, I've actually been into it for a really long time. I even still have a few old ponies from back when I was a kid, sitting around in various places. Decided to dig them out, and these two in particular were... Well, rough. They're both over 15 years old, and were given to my sister and I as children, so they're obviously well played with. So I decided some cleaning was in order.

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