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Minor Public Service Announcement: How to Write Passing Out. · 8:05am Jul 7th, 2016

There are times when a character will pass out. Maybe they're malnourished, maybe their blood pressure drops, maybe they're grievously injured. And usually, if you don't want to add too much detail to it, just saying 'Everything went dark' will suffice. It's accurate, brief, it gets the job done.

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Coursework Submitted!!!!! · 2:18pm Feb 25th, 2016

Finally got my coursework done and submitted!!!!

I want to be like:

But I feel like:

But this hould mean some more time for fanfiction, yay!


Upgrading the rating of Crimson · 11:17pm Nov 26th, 2018

Hello friends.

For those of you reading Crimson, I have officially UPPED THE ANTE by cranking up the rating. I kept it at T for as much as I could and I could arguably keep it this way for the majority of the fic, but at this point I think it's safe to just pull the plug.

-Insert scandalized gasps here-

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Dreams on "Game of Thrones" · 4:14pm Jul 20th, 2017

Hey all. Guess I'm still alive. Haven't been feeling much inclination to doing much on the site, but I'm still reading almost nothing but pony fanfics (re-reading, mostly). I am actually working on the next entry of Grammar for Real People, and a while ago I made a lot of progress sprucing up my plans for Minoan Crisis, as well as preparing for a large project I may or may not have hinted at in the past. Here's hoping any of those actually bear fruit anytime soon.

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THE HYPE IS TOO DAMN HIGH (Spoilers) · 7:11pm Sep 8th, 2015

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Man, save me. I'm hyping so much I'm into space :applejackconfused::heart: This week is fucking crazy. But I love it :3


The Comedy (Is Serious Business) Contest Update Re-Release [PLATINUM EDITION] · 8:17pm Jan 31st, 2018

So, Aragón has officially entered the workforce -- kinda!

I mean, technically it's an internship... But let's be honest. I get up at seven every morning, put on a suit [1] and then work at the bank doing market research for eight hours. That counts as a job. Cut me some slack, I'm still a lil' kid.

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