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Just a thing. · 4:46am Mar 6th, 2018

Basically, I was chatting with a guy on a Discord Server and he was somewhat curious as to the esoteric arts. He also is recovering from a broken leg. I decided to do a thing and write up a pleb-tier evocation of Archangel Raphael (He's basically the angelic version of a doctor, can heal injuries and other such things) to basically speed up healing of moderate injuries.

Things you need:

A tealight candle
A picture of yourself from before your injury
An open mind


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Sudden Oak Death, Fame, and the Ontological Affects of Rum · 8:30am Sep 9th, 2019

I should probably be writing Speak or Synchronicity instead of writing this blog. Or keeping up with the plethora of emails that have likely come in from work about the poor souls that I work with, and need to keep an ear out so I can go out again to try to help pick them up off the floor like I'm some angel in a Mountain Goats song. Instead, I'm writing a blogpost about the negative psychology of fame, whilst trying to give counselling to a friend that deserves far better than me as their

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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