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Another earth pony sorceress · 11:35pm Feb 17th, 2018

Warning: This blog post contains mild spoilers for the new Equestria Girls special.

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Spotlight On: Earth Pony Magic · 7:43pm Jul 22nd, 2015

Yes, they have it. I have thought so since 'Hearth's Warming Eve' when a plant sprouted from dirt in Smart Cookie!Applejack's hoof. Now, since that was a play I always took that example with a grain of salt. But then we get Celestia telling us that Earth Ponies have magic in the season 4 finale, and even more crazy, in 'Castle Sweet Castle' Applejack gets plants to grow indoors just by laying down some fertilizer -- on stone floors! So obviously it is magic. Even so, there are a few types of

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Trump-12 Applies (Pseudo)Science to: The Magic of the Main Pony Races · 3:02pm Oct 28th, 2016

I recently got to thinking about the different magics of the three races, and what the best description of each would be. Bear in mind that these thoughts are only my current headcanon, but I believe it is roughly consistent with what is seen on the show.

I suppose we should start with:
Unicorn Magic

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FoME Thinks Too Much: The Bene Sediment · 2:22pm May 4th, 2020

To most of Equestria, the Bene Sediment are just one more eccentricity in the culture of rock farmers, a peculiar priesthood that propitiates the spirits of metals and minerals to provide bountiful harvests. And for most ponies, their knowledge of them, if they’ve even heard of them, ends there.

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