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None? Not one? · 1:12am Nov 27th, 2021

There are tons of crossovers out there. But there's not one for the Don't Escape or Deep Sleep series. Those were some interesting (if a bit hard to figure out at times) games, so I find that a bit puzzling. Back in the day they were flash games, but they've since been ported to STEAM.
I guess that means that the basic idea of it is prime material to rip-off and use here.....assuming I can work up the motivation and inspiration to do so.


I played a few more flash games · 6:36pm Jun 5th, 2020

I played Don't Escape 1, 2, and 3

I seriously can't recommend Scriptwelder enough. I have yet to play a game they've made that isn't wonderful.
So the point of these games is simple. Don't escape.

The interface for these games is all point and click, so you can jump right in and click around. That being said, just clicking around won't win you the game. These are puzzle games and you have to figure out how to set things up to not escape.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results