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The Return of Shadowblade!!! · 2:38am Nov 29th, 2016

Shadowblade will return with an all new story! His role within the Displaced shall shock many as he wrecks havoc across the Multiverse and.....the birth of The Displaced!

This story will tie in with A New Destiny:pinkiehappy:


Dark Energy · 3:00pm Apr 27th, 2019

To one of my past blog posts, Booster Spice gave the random comment:

Dark Energy is Magic?

I can’t remember the context, but I’m taking it as a prompt for this post.

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Discussing Stuff for the Upcoming Year · 8:45pm Dec 23rd, 2017

Well, I have an overactive brain when it comes to ideas so I decided I would post a few of these ideas for stories I would like to work on in the upcoming year and see what you all think.

First, I am thinking of expanding more upon my Gorgony-Verse, hoping to flesh out the world and make it more interesting. I have a few ideas for some short stories involving Euresia and one for Fluttershy (another episode themed story).

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Some of my Dark Ages sketches . · 3:19pm Nov 27th, 2015

Hello again :D

I was bored in this day, so I decided to draw something about the fan-fiction quoted in the title plus something else and posting them here.

Chapter Nine's battle between Applejack and Golden Hoof.

This is the draw that started all.

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results
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