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Very Slowly Becoming Familiar With Elite Dangerous · 1:07pm Feb 1st, 2017

Very slowly.

Very, very slowly.

Sweet Celestia this game is complex.


It's dangerous to go alone... · 1:55pm Jun 23rd, 2019


Review: It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door, by: Jetfire2012 · 4:16am Sep 12th, 2015


The reason why I don't want to wear Crocs · 1:55am Oct 20th, 2020


"Sometimes"- Ariana Grande · 1:04am Aug 8th, 2016

La, la, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, la

[Verse 1:]
I've never been so caught up
Still so into us
I never thought I'd be here
Should've turned to dust
Ooh, let's be honest, baby
This is so unusual
Ooh, and I'm not tempted, baby
Even if they're beautiful
I used to be cautious
A little too reckless
Now all my emotions

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"I Don't Care"- Ariana Grande · 1:55am Aug 8th, 2016

Used to cry 'bout some crazy shit before
I used to feel so obligated to be so much more
I used to let some people tell me how to live and what to be
But if I can't be me, then what's the point? No...

I don't care about it anymore, oh
I don't care about it anymore

Now I laugh about the things that used to be important to me
Used to have a hold on me, used to have a hold on me
Like what do you think

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Thinking Bout You- Ariana Grande · 1:51pm Aug 9th, 2016

I've been thinking 'bout you
Yeah, I been missing you
Where the hell are you, oh, when I need you?
I could still hear your voice
I ain't got no choice, cause I'm here all alone
I know I can't wait 'til you get home

Oh, I don't have you here with me
But at least I have the memory
I tried to make it through the night
But I can't control my mind

I'm just thinkin' bout you
I'm thinkin' bout you, I'm thinkin' bout you

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Teleportation is concerningly complicated for how simple it's portrayed to be. · 7:47am September 7th

Just think of a place and you're whisked away in the blink of an eye, right?


Teleportation is inherently reliant on the caster's imagination the moment the destination is beyond one's line-of-sight. There are no coordinates you can use, or guides to keep you in the right place. It all hinges on how well you can picture your destination.

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The More Most Dangerous Judging · 3:14am Mar 30th, 2015

One day, I was minding my own business, procrastinating on writing as usual, when the false prophet Obsolesence crawled out of the depths of Hell and asked for my hand in carnage. I asked him for the terms and conditions, at which point he produced a stone tablet writ with the blood of deceased presidents. After coming to the conclusion that no, I did not have any tributes within immediate reach to volunteer, I accepted his offer. I soon

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FoE ABC: Dangers of the Wasteland... · 7:22pm Mar 15th, 2020

This was a fun group project where numerous authors created chapters from the ABCs featuring short stories in the Fallout Equestria universe.

TFallout Equestria ABC: Dangers of the Wasteland
Surviving in the Wasteland is as easy as ABC... or is it?
Doomande · 75k words  ·  30  4 · 327 views

I will be a bit shameless and say that I wrote one of these chapter, T for Train, however please do enjoy the other chapters as well. All the authors worked really hard on this project.

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Been running from scp-096 all day · 10:10pm Jun 28th, 2015

Well I saw his face and well im kinda in trouble

Anyone has ideas because I need them!


Is it better to have dinosaurs in Equestria? · 9:17pm Jul 26th, 2018

I know Equestria has strange and terrible creatures, but would it be better if this nation has Earth's prehistoric animals including dinosaurs instead of mythological creatures? It's not just that I love dinosaurs, as a dinosaur expert, real dinosaurs are not monsters unlike in those stupid B movies, and Jurassic Park got that right (although they're inaccuracies in those movies). Because no animal except humans could kill for sport. Carnivores only kill and eat their prey to survive. Some

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"Let Me Love You" by Ariana Grande (feat. Lil Wayne) · 8:25pm Apr 18th, 2016

I just broke up with my ex
Now I’m out here single,
(I don’t really know what’s next)
But I ain’t even trippin', I'm not jealous, lay back
And I know they will be coming from the right and the left, left, left...
(I just broke up with my ex)
You're the one I’m feeling as I'm laying on your chest
Good conversation got me holding my breath
And I don’t normally say this but goddamn you're the best, best, best...

And if it feels right, promise I don't mind

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"Knew Better/Forever Boy"- Ariana Grande · 1:27am Aug 8th, 2016

Knew Better / Forever Boy"

[Knew Better]

Say you could turn me on
Boy, but that's about it
You can say what you wanna
But I wouldn't believe it
You could write all them songs
That's the game that you play
Tryna write all them bars
But you can't make me stay

Cause I... see right through you, boy
And I, I... ain't feeling you no more
I ain't feelin' you no more

If you knew better
Boy, you would do better

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"Moonlight" by Ariana Grande · 2:43am Jun 2nd, 2016

[Verse 1:]
The Sun is setting and you're right here by my side
And the movie is playing, but we won't be watching tonight
Every look, every touch makes me wanna give you my heart
I'd be crushin' on you, baby
Stay the way you are

Cause I never knew, I never knew
You could have moonlight in your hands
'Til the night I held you
You are my moonlight

[Verse 2:]
I kiss his fingertips
As I'm wishing he's all mine
He's giving me Elvis

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"Bad Decisions" by Ariana Grande (explicit lyrics) · 6:20pm Jun 11th, 2016

[Verse 1]
Boy, you know that you drive me crazy
But it's one of the things I like
Cause I know when you need it, baby
That I got that, ooh ooh
Let 'em keep, let 'em keep on talking
But it don't matter what they say
Cause you know when you hear me knocking
Gonna get that, ooh ooh

I been doing stupid things
Wilder than I've ever been
You've become my favorite since

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"Leave Me Lonely" by Ariana Grande (ft. Macy Gray) · 2:36pm Jun 12th, 2016

[Intro - Macy Gray:]
Dangerous love
You're no good for me, darling
Yeah, you turn me away
Like I'm begging for a dollar
Danger, oh, how you hold me
I get a chill inside
And nothing frightens me, baby

[Verse 1 - Ariana Grande:]
Is it love when so easily said goodbye?
Is it love when we've given up before we tried?
Is it love when you stole my peace of mind?
Is it love when you cry, and cry, and cry?

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"Into You" by Ariana Grande · 11:10pm May 6th, 2016

[Verse 1:]
I'm so into you, I can barely breathe
And all I wanna do is to fall in deep
But close ain't close enough 'til we cross the line, baby
So name a game to play, and I'll role the dice, hey

Oh baby, look what you started
The temperature's rising in here
Is this gonna happen?
Been waiting and waiting for you to make a move
(Woo, oh, oh, oh)
Before I make a move
(Woo, oh, oh, oh)


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Fic recs, March 29th: The More Most Dangerous Game, part 2! · 7:12pm Mar 29th, 2015


Danger Mouse · 10:33pm Sep 29th, 2015

I'm so happy with the reboot of Danger Mouse. Almost everything works, they've managed to update it technically without losing the charm of the original, the voices are right -- and it couldn't possibly be American. Not that I have anything against cartoons from the western side of the Atlantic, obviously, but DM should not be one of them. I blogged a little while back about how I wished there were blind reactions to European cartoons. Well, if anyone's looking for one to do,

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