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nicknack is a pinkie hater in denial · 7:31am Apr 14th, 2016

He is go look at his Taking care of animals fic and Heart of gold feathers of steel fic are all clear signs he has a pinkie hateboner why wont he just admit he hates pinkie and be done with it? he has her being a serial killer and he has gilda having a seething hatred for her being justified in griffon the brush off. hes using his writing to

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The Changes No One Wants..... Part 2: Emojis (and their usage under my fics/blog entries/userpage) · 6:07pm Jun 6th, 2017

So, let’s talk about some more stuff that got added here with the last update: The emojis one can use now.
I need to address this..... “feature”, because it will bring a little change with how I handle comments that get written under my fics/blog entries and on my userpage. To make this as short as possible:

Please don’t use any emojis when you leave a comment anywhere on my account.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results